Iamo Bazaar Business Plan

Iamo Bazaar Business Plan: Iamo Bazaar is a platform where all offline main retailers and small bazaars in this large market may type with them and offer their products/services to iamo bazaar’s users. A portion of the revenues from the sale of the product or service must be donated to the Iamo market (for example – like OLA, UBER, ZOMATO, etc….)

Iamo Bazaar is a company that provides services. Iamo has a large number of users in the bazaar market, and all of their users are type stores from the iamo market. If they buy anything from this market, they will receive profit from Iamo Markets according to their plan, and this profit Iamo Markets gives to their users from the store and market typed with them. If a user of iamo market purchases products from any shop after inputting this any market, iamo market receives a commission from the company store, keeps a portion for himself, and keeps the remainder under his system. provide to the user

Some Definition About Iamo Bazaar Business Plan:-

Imo BAZAAR is a content distributor. It generates revenue for its offline stores that are registered with it. It might be any product or service, and it could take place in either urban or rural regions. It could be a small or large market. It could be a little store or a large store. IAMO BAZAAR charges a commission for the services it provides. The commission is different for each store type. Groceries are 2%, clothing is 4%, gold is 1%, and any service is 10%, however, IAMO BAZAAR pays a 96 percent commission to its customers through a systematic cashback scheme.

Anyone can join IAMO BAZAAR by just submitting their name, mobile number, and MLA Constituency. To take advantage of any of the benefits, there is no need to pay a registration fee, renew your membership, or make an obligatory purchase. Consumers merely need to present the store owner with their ID number to receive the payback advantage.

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