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E Shram Card Online Registration, In this post, we will give you information that how you can apply for e shram card online registration through your mobile or CSC. Applicants can apply online for this e-shram card in two ways. 1. Applicant can apply for it himself. 2. Applicant can apply for it through CSC. We have given complete information about it in our next post. If you have not read that post yet, then definitely read that post by clicking on the link given below.

E Shram Card Online Registration 2021:-

E Shram Card Online Registration, A portal has been launched by the central government for the people of the working class. Under e-sharm, all data of the laborers will be sent to the central government. And all working-class people will be provided e-shram cards. So such people come in the below-given labor category. They have to apply under it as soon as possible. The laborer gets a lot of benefits from this card.

The information issued by the government, whoever can apply for this. Complete information about them is given below. So if you also fall in these categories. So you can apply for it as soon as possible. Like:- Farmers, Agriculture, Labour, Carpenter’s Sericulture Workers, Salt Workers, Tannery Workers, Share Crop, Brick Kiln Workers, Fishermen, etc…

Animal Husbandry Laborers, Beedle Rolling, Labeling & Packing, Building and Construction Workers, Leather Workers, Midmaids, Domestic Labour, Barbers, Vegetable and Fruit sellers, Newspaper sellers, Rickshaw pullers, Auto drivers, silk production workers, housemaids, street vendors, MGNREGA workers, ASHA workers, milk farmers, migrant laborers, all these can apply for this.

Some details about E Sharm Card Registration 2021:-

E Shram Card Online Registration, The Unique Identification Number Card is the name of this E Shram card, and the Ministry of Labor and Employment is the name of the authority that issued it. PM Narendra Modi launched this initiative for employees and labourers in the unorganized sector. The primary goal of this strategy is to benefit the country’s workers and labourers. The Ministry of Labor and Employment has compiled comprehensive data on India’s unrecognized sector workers and labourers. This UAN card is valid for the rest of your life.

The E Sharam Portal was designed for all of the country’s employees and labourers. Because the government can utilize this to create new plans for labourers and workers. New policies can be created as a result of this, as well as new job prospects for the unemployed. If you register for labour or a job on this portal, you will be given a UAN E Sharmaik Card. You may only register for this portal through CSC Seva Kendra and apply for it for free.

What is E Sharm? The advantages of the nduw E Shram Card Registration 2021:-

There are numerous advantages, but we have highlighted some of the more important ones below.

E Shram Card Online Registration, Advantage of e sharm.

  • Once you have registered on the Shramik website, you will be eligible for all of the government’s social security initiatives.
  • If a pandemic occurs in the future, the government can provide direct benefits to registered workers in the form of programs or money transfers into their bank accounts.
  • After registering on the labor portal, you will be provided the benefits of all the beneficial schemes of the central government or state government in the future.
  • If there is any disaster in the future, then the government can also transfer money directly to your bank accounts.

Required Document For E Shram card online Registration

  1. Aadhar linked mobile number.
  2. Bank account number and ifsc
  3. House number

The CSC eshram card is a type of identification card issued by the Central Security Commission. The Government of India has launched the Sharmik Self Registration Online Portal. It was created for the benefit of unorganized labourers across the country. E Shram Portal is a form of national database portal that can be found at register eshram gov in.

E Shramik Card Advantages:-

  • If you die as a result of an accident, you will be awarded 2 lakh rupees.
  • More than Rs 1 lakh will be granted in the case of partial disability.
  • You can profit from the social security plan by registering on the E Sharam portal.
  • After registering, you will receive a one-year premium wave.
  • You may also track the workforce of migratory workers using this method.
  • You will also receive Bima Yojana insurance coverage through this platform.
  • If you sign up for it, your chances of landing a job improve.
  • You will also receive cash assistance as a result of this.

Online Eshram Registration:-

Official Website 1Click Here
Official Website 2Click Here

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