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Bondage club operates near pre-school, church; works as a non-profit

Bondage club operates near pre-school, church; works as a non-profit

Posted: Nov 14, 2016 / 10:11 PM CST / Updated: Nov 30, 2016 / 04:46 PM CST

Editor’s note: this article just isn’t suited to a more youthful market. Adults might also think it is improper.


BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI) – There’s a club in Brentwood where you are able to get tangled up and whipped, right next to both a church and a preschool.

Fox 2 News obtained video that is exclusive a girl whom calls by herself a “submissive. ” She fears the game during the club could turn abusive.

In the club, you are able to hear the noise of individual flesh being lashed with leather-based. You can hear yelling as a large number of individuals are drinking alcoholic beverages, view, and often be involved in the activities.

These events happen one night a month in the American Legion Hall off Manchester and Brentwood saturday. It’s suburban St. Louis County, near St. Mary Magdalene and across the street to the Schnucks shopping mall. The legion hallway stocks a driveway using the Elaine Rossi Academy for kids. A play ground sits straight behind.

The monthly occasion is called FLOG. It becomes immediately obvious the event lives up to its name when you enter.

The lady whom recorded the movie will not desire to be identified.

“That is an out of control, dangerous destination where individuals can walk in, appoint by by themselves a ‘dom’ (and) say, ‘Oh, I’m a dom. I’m a professional only at that. I understand things you need, bend over, and I want to offer it for you, ’” she said.

She lives this life style and considers herself a submissive into the global realm of BDSM. Her fear may be the liquor during the activities, leading her to concern perhaps the individuals are actually adults that are consenting.

“People being hit to the stage where they’re welts that are leaving markings, often bloodstream, after which when you look at the other side they’ve got an alcohol, ” she said.